The Great Australian Money Grab

Continuing on with the money grab topic from last week, what’s up with this global money swiping legislation?

Are Australian governments and our economy and the global banking systems and economies in so much financial trouble that they feel the need to secretly pass legislation that makes it legal for them to take the hard earned nest eggs and savings of citizens?

People the globe over already pay unreasonable taxes, GST, account keeping fees, high interest rates, and higher gouged out prices? Why do the governments and the banks need to devise new and underhanded forms of enforced monetary gain?

Unscrupulous banks and their regulating governments have already swooped on the bank accounts of the people in Cyprus and according to the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia they are planning to do the same thing in Australia.

United Kingdom Publication, The truth Seeker informed readers during March 2013, “The day is coming when the U.S. government will claim it “owns” a portion (30%) of all our bank accounts, and it will electronically drain our accounts of money in a grand theft scheme designed to pay off the banksters while decimating private savings.”

According to a Citizens Electoral Council of Australia flier handed to me on the main street of Brisbane 18th June, “legislation is being secretly prepared to give Australia’s banking regulator ‘bail in’ powers to confiscate the savings of the Australian people, just as in Cyprus.”

Do you think it should be the responsibility of citizens to pull banks, governments and councils out of financial debit?

The Financial Review told readers “The government sought to rush the legislation through Parliament. This was opposed by the finance industry, as well as independent MPs Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor, Bob Katter and Craig Thomson. A spokeswoman for Treasurer Wayne Swan said that under the new legislation, the government would pay interest on lost money to preserve its real value until it could be reunited with its owners,” as early as February 2013.

In May 2013 Australian Consumer Watchdog Today Tonight informed viewers, “Under new legislation, if a customer fails to use a bank account for three years, the money in the account is transferred to the Australian Security and Investments Commission.”

There have been several articles disseminated in the media describing old ladies having their hard earned savings swiped and retired couples having their life’s savings snatched just to mention a few.

It gets worse than that.

People who pass away unexpectedly without a will run the risk of having their savings and workers compensation funds snatched before loved ones can legally access it. Freedom of information laws and privacy of information laws clash making it nigh impossible for loved ones to access the needed information to make the claims.

To the banks and governments of Australia, why do you need to invest tax payer’s precious dollars in researching money grubbing tactics such as these? I would think that living within your monetary means the same as the citizens would be a much better financial plan. The people pay and pay again and then have to put up with watching the stupid, frivolous and wasteful spending of their tax dollars.

People are homeless and starving in this country and yet our government sends billions of dollars in aid to other countries, houses refugees ahead of its own citizens and spends millions on new Centre Link logo’s and further billions on fleets of cars and pay rises.

Where’s the peoples pay rise?

I think it’s high time you government bureaucrats tightened your treasury belt buckles the same as the rest of us and made a back to surplus plan that has a longer time frame.

This savings tax is just legal daylight robbery. Most people had to scrimp and go without to save that hard earned money. Don’t touch the money of the poor people. If you need to tax, tax the very well off.

I for one don’t feel like keeping my savings in a bank account for it to be forcibly raided by greedy ailing governments and banking systems.

I wonder how you would all fare if the citizens removed their money from your institutions?


Have you got an opinion on this subject? Please leave a comment.

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One thought on “The Great Australian Money Grab

  1. Kimberly Patterson. com Post author

    stewart7002000Aug 25, 20131

    The ‘commonwealfh of australia’ has beem a registered company with the SEC in the USA since 1934! All states and government departments are registered companies with ASIC. Police are not such, they are policy officers of the government as fund raisers! Tell them that you are a human being and do not concent to the government legislation! make sure you record this, as it is evidemce in court!


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